Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools available. MRI uses a powerful magnet, low intensity radio frequency pulses and computer technology to create detailed images of the soft tissues, muscles, nerves and bones in your body. In many instances, it replaces the need for X-rays and exploratory surgery. MRI does not use radiation. Depending on your physicians order, an IV injection of contrast may be required for your scan.

At Spectrum Medical Imaging, our High-Field, Open MRI brings both quality and comfort together to ensure the best patient care and experience. 

Quality: The Oasis High-Field, Open MRI provides the best quality when compared to other open systems in the market today, which are low-field.  Your doctor depends on these high quality images for accurate diagnosis. The advanced clinical capabilities of the Open MRI at Spectrum make it a preferred choice among patients and physicians.

The open structure of the Oasis MRI allows the tech to position the patient comfortably in the iso-center of the magnet. In the MRI world, the ability to iso-center is considered a critical component to achieving a high-quality image, which is easily accomplished in our open MRI.

Comfort: The open design of the Oasis allows patients to have a more comfortable MRI experience. The exam table lowers to accommodate patients requiring a wheelchair and its width makes positioning easy. Patients now have the ability to see all around them which reduces anxiety allowing even large and claustrophobic patients to complete the exam with ease.

MRI Extended Hours: 7am-7:30pm

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