Joint Services

Joint pain can result from many conditions such as gout, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or injuries like strains, sprains and tears. You can experience joint pain in any joint throughout your body but some of the most frequently affected joints are knees, followed by shoulders and hips.

Joint pain is incredibly common and become more common with age. The pain can range in severity from acute to chronic and can be consistent or come and go.


Depending on the type of joint pain you may be experiencing and its suspected causes, your physician may order imaging procedures as a diagnostic procedure or as a therapeutic treatment.

Diagnostic exams such as arthrography can help to diagnose abnormalities within the joint so that you and your physician can determine effective treatment options more accurately.

Therapeutic procedures such as joint injections or aspirations can be performed to offer relief to joint pain and discomfort.


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