NEW CT Services at Spectrum Medical Imaging

With the addition of the new CT, Spectrum Medical Imaging is now a full service imaging site, making all your imaging needs available in one central location.

Our new CT is a Toshiba Aquilion Prime 40 slice scanner that enables radiologists and physicians to see in thin sections throughout the body and identify abnormalities with more detailed precision. This advanced technology ensures our patients and community physicians receive top quality images to aid in more accurate diagnosis.


1) Do you accept pediatric patients for CT studies?

Yes! Spectrum Medical Imaging’s expert radiology group has board certified radiologists who specialize in pediatric imaging. Our center has radiation reduction protocols written by our Pediatric specialized radiologist along with imaging techniques the significantly reduce the radiation dose children receive. These efforts ensure maximized safety during every pediatric exam.

3) Do you offer CT exam to screen for lung cancer?

Yes! Spectrum does offer CT exams of the chest that are very effective at evaluating for CA. While we do not currently participate in a formal screening program, we are actively working to have one in place in the near future?

4) If I am diabetic will I need lab work before I have contrast/dye?

You will likely need new lab work unless you have had it done in the previous 30 days. However, for those requiring updated labs, Spectrum Medical Imaging offers this service on-site so you can get labs and imaging completed in one easy appointment.


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